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bodywork for lasting relief


Bob presents two different workshops; both present healthy ways of relating to body and mind.

“Healing Through Touch” is a three-hour workshop teaching hands on healing techniques to the general public. These simple yet effective techniques can be use by anyone just about anywhere. This healing can be done on yourself, friends and family with no special equipment. It is especially popular with parents of young children and can be safely used on pregnant women. Many yoga teachers and social workers have also participated in this workshop so that they can offer their clients extra assistance when they are experiencing difficulties.

Bob is also a certified meditation instructor with 18 years of meditation experience. He has presented workshops to corporations such as Quaker Oats and to churches and yoga centers.  “Body Centered Meditation” focuses on bringing awareness to our bodies and deepening the connection between body and mind. Deep breathing techniques are also used to both energize our bodies and calm our minds

Bob offers meditation instruction free of charge to those who are sincerely interested.

Please feel free to contact Bob for more information on these workshops.



Bob Kearney, CST - 1400 N. Lake Shore Drive - Annex 2 - Chicago, IL 60610 - 312.337.0677 office - 847.971.5990 cell - craniorobert@msn.com