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bodywork for lasting relief


Experience the relief that comes from having your body freed from restrictions and pain. That is what awaits you in the hands of a skilled bodyworker with 20 years of hands on healing experience.

Bob Kearney has been trained in seven different forms of bodywork. He has spent years working in chiropractic clinics, hospital clinics and the leading spas. He has taught bodywork in massage schools and in public seminars.

Out of all of this he created a unique approach to healing that brings lasting relief on a deep level. After working with many different models of bodywork, Bob realized that they all have limitations because there was an agenda that was being imposed on the body.

Bob’s breakthrough came when he realized that the body has its own agenda for healing. He found that when this inner agenda is consulted, healing takes a quantum leap. He calls this approach, “Wisdom in the Body”. The result is pain relief that is profound and long lasting.


Bob Kearney, CST - 1400 N. Lake Shore Drive - Annex 2 - Chicago, IL 60610 - 312.337.0677 office - 847.971.5990 cell - craniorobert@msn.com